“Hammersmith & Fulham Labour councillors have taken a ruthlessly efficient approach and cut a record £122m in wasteful council spending and we’ve won £683m from property developers. That has allowed us to invest in new services and to keep council tax and charges low.”

Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Here are six pledges from H&F Labour councillors. We will...

Keep council tax low to help with the cost of living crisis. We have frozen council tax this year and have the best record in Britain for keeping council tax low.

Deliver the best new jobs and start-ups. Our pioneering economic strategy is transforming H&F into a global hotspot offering the best opportunities in life.

Fight crime and its causes. We’ve delivered 72 new Law Enforcement Officers, a new Gangs Unit, the most extensive CCTV network in Britain and a new strategy to protect women and girls.

Protect and improve the NHS. We stopped the Conservatives closing Charing Cross Hospital and are the only council in England to provide free adult home care.

Tackle traffic and pollution. We’re No. 1 in London for tackling the climate emergency and best in Britain at divesting from fossil fuels. We will achieve our carbon zero target by 2030.

Prioritise homes for residents, not flats for overseas speculators. We saved estates sold off by the Conservatives and are building the most genuinely affordable homes in decades.

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